Scaffold-free interconnected toroidal tissue sheets for various tissue engineering approaches

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ICE Krakow

ICE Krakow

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Kasinathan, Gokula Nathan (Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad )


Tissue engineering significantly requires fresh approaches to achieve hierarchy of the targeted tissues in 3D forms where the feature size is not limited by diffusion. We are investigating interconnected toroidal tissue sheets made of MSCs co-cultured fibroblasts or ECs and utilizing them as building blocks for the required tissue architectures. A simple 3D printed PLA mould having the negative template was utilized to make a positive template over agarose in a tissue culture plate followed by seeding cells within them. Harvested tissue sheets after 72 hours were stable, posing high viability compared to the control 3D spheroids. Tissue sheets made of cocultured MSCs and L929 fibroblasts had significant tensile strength and were further rolled to form tubular architectures. As expected, cells in the rolled tissue sheet started migrating and enveloped to form tubular tissue structure with lumen. These interconnected toroidal tissue sheets can be employed as building blocks for regenerating complex tissue structures involving multiple layers, tubular architectures or together.


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