Harnessing the advantages of ex vivo materials to explore immediate wounding responses of the skin

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Ring, Nadja Anneliese Ruth (Ludwig Boltzmann Research Group SHoW - Senescence and Healing of Wounds )


Wounding affects us all, yet the mechanisms of healing are still a partial mystery. In particular the events immediately unfolding when a tissue is wounded are difficult to capture, and are thus understudied und incompletely understood. Studying wounding responses in ex vivo skin is an elegant strategy to explore immediate wounding responses. Using ex vivo skin from both human and pig has allowed us to unravel some of the pathways triggered when skin is damaged through induction of an excision wound. We have found that ex vivo skin is able to mount a fast and strong response to wounding, and this response is upheld for at least six hours after wounding. This response can be manipulated with drugs, labeled with proliferation and protein translation trackers and quantified through histological analysis. The use of ex vivo skin opens the doors to complex experiments not possible in living organisms: adding and removing several drugs on separate pieces of skin in parallel, or observing tissue responses in anaerobic wound conditions. Moreover, the use of human ex vivo skin has allowed us to replicate excision wounds in humans, by utilising waste material from surgical operations. Our methods have allowed us to identify novel damage-induced tissue responses resulting from skin injury.

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Nadja Anneliese Ruth Ring, PhD
Contact number: 43 (0) 688 6422 9001
Contact email: nadja.ring@trauma.lbg.ac.at

Ludwig Boltzmann Research Group Senescence and Healing of Wounds, Vienna, Austria
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology in AUVA Research Center, Vienna, Austria
Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration, Vienna, Austria


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