Where are all the electrospun medical devices? – Case studies of product development from an industry perspective

Jun 30, 2022, 2:20 PM
Room: S2

Room: S2


Duckworth, John (The Electrospinning Company Ltd )


"After decades of cutting-edge academic work, novel electrospun biomaterials are finally starting to enter clinics and patients worldwide. The process of taking an electrospun material from the lab, to the clinic, and finally to market is long and difficult. It requires the collaboration of many professionals over the course of years. But what it creates are world-class, ground-breaking medical devices which treat previously untreatable conditions, and improve the lives of patients.

This presentation will give a thorough overview of those devices containing electrospun materials which are currently available on the market, as well as those in various stages of clinical trials. We will explain how we, The Electrospinning Company Ltd, work with our clients to take exciting concepts born out of academia and private research, and guide them through proof-of-concept, design development, design control, production development and finally production. This presentation will also explain how pre-clinical and clinical trials fit into our framework, and how this all culminates in a final product release.

At The Electrospinning Company we can tailor our materials to achieve bespoke characteristics suitable for specific therapeutic indications and target tissues. By using nano and micro fibre structures, we can tightly control mechanical strength, flexibility, resorption time and architecture. Critically, we focus on producing these materials on an industrial scale, with the methodology, consistency, and quality necessary for medical applications. We refine ideas into standardised, repeatable processes to produce materials which can confidently be implanted into people.

Additionally, this presentation will give a detailed account of how The Electrospinning Company can take promising ideas and turn them into profitable products. Case studies of advanced materials developed for ophthalmological, dura mater repair, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular applications will illustrate the process, showing how our scientists and engineers overcome one challenge after another on the long road to client and regulatory approval. The case studies will focus on specific technical and scientific challenges that had to be overcome, for devices in the clinic or about to enter the clinic."


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