Developing low cost and non-animal derived dynamic hydrogels for tissue engineering

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ICE Krakow

ICE Krakow

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M. Ramirez, Angela (University of York)


Biomedical research is in need of evolving towards more sustainable models by adopting the concept of the three Rs (reduction, refinement, replacement of animals in research). Additionally, economic limitations in developing countries should also be taken into consideration. This project aims to develop a non-animal sourced and low-cost biomaterial that can be used to create accurate tissue models. We have developed a novel alginate-derived hydrogel, cross-linked with oxime bonds. These dynamic covalent linkages lead to form mechanically robust and stable structures with self-healing properties. These properties mimic natural characteristics of some human extracellular matrices. Our long term goal is to further functionalise with bioactive ligands also using oxime bonds. The output of this work will provide a platform from which to develop in vitro tissue models, based on affordable and renewable starting materials, suitable for the expansion of biomedical research in developing countries.

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