Superior mechanical properties of cell-laden microfiber via incorporation of silk in hyaluronic acid based hydrogel

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ICE Krakow

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Khanmohammadi, Mehdi (Iran University of Medical Sciences)


Cell-based tissue engineering is promising to create living functional tissue. The implanted cellular construct should be evenly distributed cells in the scaffold, maintain high cellular viability as well as mechanical properties in order to actively participate in the regenerative process. Cell-laden filament-like hydrogels have advantageous for tissue engineering and regeneration medicine. However, most of the designed filament vehicles hold weak mechanical properties which hinder their application in specific tissue engineering. We have developed double network silk and hyaluronic acid hydrogel microfiber that generated through microfluidic system with superior mechanical properties and biocompatibility. Cellular microfibers were continuously generated through coaxial double orifice microfluidic device and horseradish peroxidase mediated reaction which conjugated introduce phenolic moieties in the backbone of HA and silk derivatives (HA-Ph&Silk-Ph respectively). The hybrid Silk-Ph/HA-Ph fibers fabricated in micron size through control of outer flow velocity. The tensile strength and maximum stain prepared Silk-Ph/HA-Ph sample was more than four times higher than the single HA-Ph sample which demonstrated significant effect of synthesized silk derivative in hydrogel fiber composition. The proteolytic degradation synthesized fibers manipulated by hyaluronidase and collagenase treatment. Encapsulation process and enzymatic crosslinking did not insert any harmful effect on cell viability and cells maintained their growth ability after encapsulation. We fabricated cellular filament-like tissue from encapsulated cells in Silk-Ph/HA-Ph hydrogel fibers. Together, we believe that the developed composite and method holds great potential in engineering musculoskeletal tissue constructs for applications in regenerative medicine and tissue modeling."

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