Heat and Pressure Soft Lithography-Assisted Multiscale Scaffolds for Soft and Hard Tissue Regeneration

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ICE Krakow

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Kim, Woochan (Chonnam National University )


Here, we present an analysis of nanoscale deformation of PDMS molds in response to heat and pressure during the repetitive molding process of thermoplastic polymers. The width and height of the nano-sized ridges of PDMS molds decreased as the number of replications of thermoplastic polymers increased. Using the precisely controlled deformation of nanostructures in PDMS molds, we demonstrated that nanostructures of different sizes can be fabricated on representative thermoplastic and UV-curable polymers consistently. Using the precisely tunable methodologies of nanoscale structures, we propose a methodology to fabricate hierarchical multiscale scaffolds with controlled hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties by employing capillary force lithography in combination with oxygen plasma modification. In response to multiscale nanotopographic and chemically modified surface cues, the O-FMN patch enhanced regeneration of the mineralized fibrocartilage tissue of the tendon-bone interface and the calvarial bone tissue in vivo in rat models.


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