Establishing tools to study the emergence of cellular diversity in the human brain

Jun 28, 2022, 4:30 PM
Room: S4 A

Room: S4 A


Nowakowski, Tomasz (UCSF)


In this seminar, I will provide a basic overview of the developmental mechanisms underlying the emergence of functional areas in the cerebral cortex. I will start by providing an overview of studies performed in rodents. Subsequently, I will transition to describe our studies in human, highlighting similarities and differences in progenitor cell diversity between mice and humans, I will subsequently describe how single cell transcriptomics and single cell epigenomics have helped us to identify modules of co-regulated and co-functional genes during human cortical development. Finally, I will describe our latest work on deciphering the role of developmental signaling pathways in promoting cortical arealization in the human brain.


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