Ultrasound-based assembly of tissues and biomaterials

Jun 29, 2022, 3:30 PM
Room: S3 B

Room: S3 B


Armstrong, James (University of Bristol)


My research group is focussed on developing new bioengineering technologies that can provide control over the assembly of biomaterials and tissues. I have a long-standing interest in ultrasound: waves of pressure that can interact with living and non-living matter to instigate a range of chemical, physical, and biological processes. First, I will discuss a technology that uses high-frequency ultrasound standing waves to rapidly and remotely pattern living cell populations into tuneable geometric arrays. I will explore our progress in using biomaterials to encapsulate these cellular assemblies and show that these patterned biomaterials can be used to engineer a range of tissues displaying anisotropic structure, which in certain cases leads to directed functional processes. I will also discuss another ultrasound-based technology: the use of low-frequency ultrasound to trigger molecular processes, such as enzyme catalysis and hydrogelation. I will explore the design of this modular system and describe how this new technology opens up new opportunities in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


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