Are there any differences between biobanking and banking of tissues and cells for clinical use?

Jun 28, 2022, 2:10 PM
Room: S4 B

Room: S4 B


Kamiński, Artur ( Department of Transplantology and Central Tissue Bank, Medical University of Warsaw / National Centre for Tissue and Cell Banking/ )


Biobanking refers to the process by which samples of human body fluids, tissues or cells are collected to provide samples for different research purposes. Initially, the term biobank appeared in the scientific literature to describe human population-based biobanks.
Biobank is nowadays recognised as an organized collection of samples and associated data describing donor, stored for future research in biomedicine.
A tissue and cel bank is an establishment that and procure human tissues and cells from deceased and living donors which are than processed, stored and distributed for allo- and autograft transplantations.
A problem is raised when human tissues and cells are used in clinical studies. How the procedurę of Transplantation should be clasified, what are legal requirements to be followed by bank? Does bank of tissues and cells became a biobank. What are the conditions, if biobank distribute tissues or cells for clinical use? Is it possible that biobank distribute tissues or cells as starting materils for manufacturing of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) including tissue engeenired productcs or for gene therapy?


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