WAVES 2022



    • 4:00 PM
      Registration + Access to on-site accommodation
    • 7:00 PM
      Ice-breaking cocktail and dinner [for all participants]
    • 7:30 AM
      Breakfast [for Full-Board participants]
    • 8:00 AM
    • (10) Opening Green 1

      Green 1

    • (11) Plenary talk: Olof Runborg Green 1

      Green 1

      Convener: Marlis Hochbruck
      • 1
        Solving Helmholtz Equation Using the Temporal Wave Equation

        Main speaker: Olof Runborg

        Speaker: Olof Runborg
    • 10:30 AM
      Coffee Break
    • (11A) Trefftz methods Green 2

      Green 2

      Convener: Andrea Moiola
      • 2
        Three types of quasi-Trefftz functions for the 3D convected Helmholtz equation: construction and theoretical approximation properties

        Main speaker: Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard

        Speakers: Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard, Guillaume Sylvand
      • 3
        Iterative Trefftz Method For Three-dimensional Electromagnetic Waves Simulation

        Main speaker: Margot Sirdey

        Speakers: Margot Sirdey, Sébastien Tordeux, Sébastien Pernet
      • 4
        Stable approximation of Helmholtz solutions with evanescent plane waves

        Main speaker: Emile Parolin

        Speakers: Emile Parolin, Daan Huybrechs, Andrea Moiola
    • (11B) Frequency-domain BEM Green 3

      Green 3

      Convener: Oscar Bruno
      • 5
        A Hausdorff-measure boundary element method for scattering by fractal screens I: Numerical Analysis

        Main speaker: Simon Chandler-Wilde

        Speakers: Simon Chandler-Wilde, Antonio Caetano, Andrew Gibbs, David Hewett, Andrea Moiola
      • 6
        A Hausdorff-Measure Boundary Element Method for Scattering by Fractal Screens II: Numerical Quadrature

        Main speaker: Andrew Gibbs

        Speakers: Andrew Gibbs, Andrea Moiola, David Hewett
      • 7
        A new theory for acoustic transmission problems with variable coefficients modeled as stable integral equations

        Main speaker: Francesco Florian

        Speakers: Francesco Florian, Ralf Hiptmair, Stefan Sauter
    • (11C) Inverse problems Yellow 1

      Yellow 1

      Convener: Philippe Moireau
      • 8
        Inverse problem for the Helmholtz equation and singular sources in the divergence form

        Main speaker: Cristóbal Villalobos Guillén

        Speakers: Cristóbal Villalobos Guillén, Laurent Baratchart, Houssem Haddar
      • 9
        A reconstruction method for the inverse gravimetric problem

        Main speaker: Anthony Gerber-Roth

        Speakers: Anthony Gerber-Roth, Alexandre Munnier, Karim Ramdani
      • 10
        A layer potential approach to functional and clinical brain imaging

        Main speaker: Masimba Nemaire

        Speakers: Masimba Nemaire, Paul Asensio, Jean-Michel Badier, Juliette Leblond, Jean-Paul Marmorat
    • (11D) Domain decomposition methods Red 1

      Red 1

      Convener: Toufic Abboud
      • 11
        On corner matrices for high order DDMs

        Main speaker: Bruno Després

        Speakers: Bruno Després, Anouk Nicolopoulos, Bertrand Thierry
      • 12
        Advances in overlapping-domain framework for wave propagation in heterogeneous and unbounded regions

        Main speaker: Víctor Domínguez

        Speakers: Víctor Domínguez, Mahadevan Ganesh, Stuart Hawkins
      • 13
        A comparison between Hierarchical Poincaré-Steklov approaches for the 3D Helmholtz equation with variable coefficients

        Main speaker: Jose Pablo Lucero Lorca

        Speakers: Jose Pablo Lucero Lorca, Adrianna Gillman
    • (11E) Numerical methods for time-harmonic problems Red 2

      Red 2

      Convener: David Hewett
      • 14
        dGFEM-BEM mortar coupling for the Helmholtz problem in three dimensions

        Main speaker: Alexander Rieder

        Speakers: Alexander Rieder, Christoph Erath, Lorenzo Mascotto, Jens Markus Melenk, Ilaria Perugia
      • 15
        Rational-based MOR methods for Helmholtz frequency response problems with adaptive finite element snapshots

        Main speaker: Francesca Bonizzoni

        Speakers: Francesca Bonizzoni, Davide Pradovera, Michele Ruggeri
      • 16
        Solvability of Discrete Helmholtz Equations

        Main speaker: Stefan Sauter

        Speakers: Stefan Sauter, Maximilian Bernkopf, Céline Torres, Alexander Veit
    • 12:30 PM
      Lunch [for all participants]
    • (12) Plenary talk: Nilima Nigam Green 1

      Green 1

      Convener: Peter Monk
      • 17
        Elasticity, skeletal muscle, and waves?

        Main speaker: Nilima Nigam

        Speaker: Nilima Nigam
    • (12A) Analysis for time-dependent problems Green 2

      Green 2

      Convener: Daniel Appelö
      • 18
        Decay Theory and Numerical Analysis for Hybrid Frequency/Time Methods in Long-Time Transient Wave Scattering

        Main speaker: Thomas G. Anderson

        Speakers: Thomas G. Anderson, Oscar Bruno
      • 19
        Long time behaviour for electromagnetic waves in dissipative Lorentz media

        Main speaker: Alejandro Rosas

        Speakers: Alejandro Rosas, Patrick Joly, Maxence Cassier
    • (12B) Frequency-domain BEM Green 3

      Green 3

      Convener: Frédérique Le Louër
      • 20
        Bi-Parametric Operator Preconditioning and Applications

        Main speaker: Paul Escapil-Inchauspé

        Speakers: Paul Escapil-Inchauspé, Carlos Jerez-Hanckes
      • 21
        An OSRC Preconditioner for the EFIE

        Main speaker: Ignacia Fierro-Piccardo

        Speakers: Ignacia Fierro-Piccardo, Timo Betcke
    • (12C) Inverse problems Yellow 1

      Yellow 1

      Convener: Martin Berggren
      • 22
        Probabilistic Wave Inversion Using Gibbs Posteriors: Application in Ultrasound Vibrometry

        Main speaker: Wilkins Aquino

        Speakers: Wilkins Aquino, Youngsoo Baek, Sayan Mukherjee
      • 23
        Damage Identification in Fiber Metal Laminates with Guided Ultrasonic Wave using Bayesian Inference and Model Order Reduction

        Main speaker: Nanda Kishore Bellam Muralidhar

        Speakers: Nanda Kishore Bellam Muralidhar, Natalie Rauter, Andrey Mikhaylenko, Rolf Lammering, Dirk Lorenz
    • (12D) Asymptotic methods in the time domain Red 1

      Red 1

      Convener: Marc Bonnet
      • 24
        Modal approximation for plasmonic resonators in the time domain

        Main speaker: Pierre Millien

        Speakers: Pierre Millien, Lorenzo Baldassari, Alice Vanel
      • 25
        Asymptotic models for time-domain scattering by small particles

        Main speaker: Maryna Kachanovska

        Speaker: Maryna Kachanovska
    • (12E) Periodic waveguides Red 2

      Red 2

      Convener: Bérangère Delourme
      • 26
        Radiation Conditions for Periodic Waveguides

        Main speaker: Andreas Kirsch

        Speakers: Andreas Kirsch, Guanghui Hu
      • 27
        Energy method approach to existence results for the Helmholtz equation in periodic wave-guides

        Main speaker: Ben Schweizer

        Speaker: Ben Schweizer
    • 4:30 PM
      Coffee Break
    • (13A) Time-domain methods for time-harmonic problems Green 2

      Green 2

      Convener: Sébastien Imperiale
      • 28
        EM-WaveHoltz: A time-domain frequency-domain solver for Maxwell's equations

        Main speaker: Daniel Appelö

        Speakers: Daniel Appelö, Zhichao Peng
      • 29
        A controllability method for Maxwell's equations

        Main speaker: Théophile Chaumont-Frelet

        Speakers: Théophile Chaumont-Frelet, Marcus Grote, Jet Tang, Stéphane Lanteri
      • 30
        A time-domain preconditioner for the Helmholtz equation: Analysis and performance on GPUs

        Main speaker: Christiaan Stolk

        Speaker: Christiaan Stolk
    • (13B) Frequency-domain BEM Green 3

      Green 3

      Convener: Catalin Turc
      • 31
        Fast boundary element method for fault mechanics and earthquake control

        Main speaker: Laura Bagur

        Speakers: Laura Bagur, Stéphanie Chaillat, Jean-François Semblat, Ioannis Stefanou
      • 32
        Quadrature by Parity Asymptotic eXpansions (QPAX) for light scattering by high aspect ratio plasmonic particle

        Main speaker: Camille Carvalho

        Speakers: Camille Carvalho, Arnold Kim, Zoïs Moitier
      • 33
        A High-order Density-Interpolation-Based Nyström Method for Three-Dimensional Electromagnetic Boundary Integral Equations

        Main speaker: Carlos Pérez-Arancibia

        Speakers: Carlos Pérez-Arancibia, Rodrigo Arrieta, Luiz Faria, Catalin Turc
    • (13C) Modelling in electromagnetism Yellow 1

      Yellow 1

      Convener: Tilo Arens
      • 34
        Eddy-current asymptotics of the Maxwell PMCHWT formulation: the multi-body case

        Main speaker: Edouard Demaldent

        Speakers: Edouard Demaldent, Marc Bonnet
      • 35
        Maximizing the electromagnetic chirality for metallic nanowires in the visible spectrum

        Main speaker: Marvin Knöller

        Speaker: Marvin Knöller
      • 36
        Angle-dependent SIBC model of metamaterial in FDTD method

        Main speaker: Samuel Gaucher

        Speakers: Samuel Gaucher, Christophe Guiffaut, Alain Reineix, Olivier Cessenat
    • (13D) Wave propagation in random media Red 1

      Red 1

      Convener: Artur Gower
      • 37
        Localization landscape for interacting Bose gases in one-dimensional speckle potentials

        Main speaker: Filippo Stellin

        Speakers: Filippo Stellin, Marcel Filoche, Frédéric Dias
      • 38
        Complex Effective Wavenumbers of Isotropic Particulate Materials

        Main speaker: Aristeidis Karnezis

        Speakers: Aristeidis Karnezis, Artur Gower
      • 39
        Speckle statistics in stochastic homogenization regime

        Main speaker: Quentin Goepfert

        Speakers: Quentin Goepfert, Josselin Garnier, Laure Giovangigli, Pierre Millien
    • (13E) Numerical methods for time-domain problems Red 2

      Red 2

      Convener: Stefan Sauter
      • 40
        A space–time Trefftz discontinuous Galerkin method for the linear Schrödinger equation

        Main speaker: Sergio Gomez

        Speakers: Sergio Gomez, Andrea Moiola
      • 41
        Implicit Filon Methods for Highly Oscillating Problems and Controlled Qubits

        Main speaker: Spencer Lee

        Speakers: Spencer Lee, Daniel Appelö
      • 42
        Stable finite differences for the piecewise homogeneous dynamic beam equation

        Main speaker: Gustav Eriksson

        Speakers: Gustav Eriksson, Jonatan Werpers, David Niemelä, Niklas Wik, Valter Zethrin, Ken Mattsson
    • 7:30 PM
      Wine/Cheese dinner + Piano concert + Drinks [for Full-Board and Basic+Dinner participants]
    • 7:30 AM
      Breakfast [for Full-Board participants]
    • (21) Plenary talk: David Krejcirik Green 1

      Green 1

      Convener: Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia
      • 43
        The virial theorem and the method of multipliers in spectral theory

        Main speaker: David Krejcirík

        Speaker: David Krejcirík
    • 10:00 AM
      Coffee Break
    • (21A) Waveguides Green 2

      Green 2

      Convener: Andreas Kirsch
      • 44
        Sound Propagation in Slowly-Varying Lined Ducts

        Main speaker: Tom White

        Speakers: Tom White, Raphaël Assier, William Parnell
      • 45
        Scattering in a partially open waveguide: the forward problem

        Main speaker: Laurent Bourgeois

        Speakers: Laurent Bourgeois, Sonia Fliss, Jean-François Fritsch, Christophe Hazard, Arnaud Recoquillay
      • 46
        Scattering in a partially open waveguide: the inverse problem

        Main speaker: Jean-François Fritsch

        Speakers: Jean-François Fritsch, Laurent Bourgeois, Arnaud Recoquillay
      • 47
        High sensibility imaging of defects in elastic waveguides using near resonance frequencies

        Main speaker: Angèle Niclas

        Speakers: Angèle Niclas, Éric Bonnetier, Laurent Seppecher, Grégory Vial
    • (21B) MS Wave propagation in ab initio molecular simulation Green 3

      Green 3

      Convener: Antoine Levitt
      • 48
        Finite-size effects in response functions of molecular systems

        Main speaker: Mi-Song Dupuy

        Speakers: Mi-Song Dupuy, Antoine Levitt
      • 49
        Quantum dynamics beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation in molecular systems

        Main speaker: Loïc Joubert-Doriol

        Speaker: Loïc Joubert-Doriol
      • 50
        Computing Spectral Properties of Topological Insulators with Disorder

        Main speaker: Andrew Horning

        Speakers: Andrew Horning, Matthew Colbrook, Kyle Thicke, Alex Watson
      • 51
        Computation of resonances in locally perturbed periodic quantum systems

        Main speaker: Eloïse Letournel

        Speakers: Eloïse Letournel, Antoine Levitt, Luigi Genovese, Ivan Duchemin, Simon Ruget
    • (21C) PMLs in time domain Yellow 1

      Yellow 1

      Convener: Martin Halla
      • 52
        On the construction of Shape Functions for Spacetime Trefftz-DG Formulations of Wave Problems with Perfectly Matched Layers

        Main speaker: Vinduja Vasanthan

        Speakers: Vinduja Vasanthan, Hélène Barucq, Henri Calandra, Julien Diaz
      • 53
        Analysis and FDTD simulation of a perfectly matched layer for the Drude metamaterial

        Main speaker: Jichun Li

        Speaker: Jichun Li
      • 54
        Stability and convergence of time-domain perfectly matched layers in dispersive waveguides

        Main speaker: Markus Wess

        Speakers: Markus Wess, Eliane Bécache, Maryna Kachanovska
      • 55
        Perfectly Matched Layers for second order Maxwell's equations in time domain

        Main speaker: Theau Cousin

        Speakers: Theau Cousin, Christian Gout, Antoine Tonnoir, Cyrille Fauchard
    • (21E) Numerical methods for time-domain problems Red 2

      Red 2

      Convener: Théophile Chaumont-Frelet
      • 60
        Locally Implicit Preconditioning for Maxwell equations on a locally refined spatial grid

        Main speaker: Marlis Hochbruck

        Speakers: Marlis Hochbruck, Jonas Köhler, Pratik Kumbhar
      • 61
        Efficient numerical method for time domain electromagnetic wave propagation in thin co-axial cables.

        Main speaker: Akram Beni Hamad

        Speakers: Akram Beni Hamad, Sébastien Imperiale, Patrick Joly
      • 62
        The Hermite-Taylor Correction Function Method for Maxwell's Equations

        Main speaker: Yann-Meing Law

        Speakers: Yann-Meing Law, Daniel Appelö
      • 63
        A space-time quasi-Trefftz DG method for the wave equation with smooth coefficients

        Main speaker: Andrea Moiola

        Speakers: Andrea Moiola, Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard, Paul Stocker
    • 12:30 PM
      Lunch [for all participants]
    • (22) Plenary talk: Biondo Biondi Green 1

      Green 1

      Convener: Bojan Guzina
      • 64
        Robust seismic imaging by full-waveform inversion with model time extension

        Main speaker: Biondo Biondi

        Speaker: Biondo Biondi
    • (22A) Numerical methods for complex media Green 2

      Green 2

      Convener: Alexander Rieder
      • 65
        Numerical treatment of the vectorial equations of stellar oscillations

        Main speaker: Paul Stocker

        Speakers: Paul Stocker, Martin Halla, Christoph Lehrenfeld
      • 66
        Capturing plasmonic behaviors in light scattering by spheres using finite element methods and asymptotic quadrature

        Main speaker: Benjamin Latham

        Speakers: Benjamin Latham, Arnold Kim, Camille Carvalho
    • (22B) Analysis for time-domain problems Green 3

      Green 3

      Convener: Maxence Cassier
      • 67
        Revisiting the limiting amplitude principle for the wave equation with variable coefficients

        Main speaker: Dmitry Ponomarev

        Speakers: Dmitry Ponomarev, Anton Arnold, Sjoerd Geevers, Ilaria Perugia
      • 68
        Gaussian wave packets for the magnetic Schrödinger equation

        Main speaker: Selina Burkhard

        Speakers: Selina Burkhard, Benjamin Dörich, Marlis Hochbruck
    • (22C) Time-domain BEM Yellow 1

      Yellow 1

      Convener: Silvia Falletta
      • 69
        Recent Advances in Elastodynamics by Time-Domain Energetic Boundary Element Method

        Main speaker: Chiara Guardasoni

        Speakers: Chiara Guardasoni, Alessandra Aimi, Luca Desiderio, Giulia Di Credico
      • 70
        Experiences with the 3D-ACA in a CQM based Time Domain Boundary Element Method

        Main speaker: Martin Schanz

        Speakers: Martin Schanz, Anita Haider
    • (22E) Space-time finite elements Red 2

      Red 2

      Convener: Eliane Bécache
      • 73
        Enriched Space-Time Finite Element Methods for the Wave Equation

        Main speaker: Kieran Quaine

        Speakers: Kieran Quaine, Heiko Gimperlein
      • 74
        A space-time continuous and coercive variational formulation for the wave equation

        Main speaker: Paolo Bignardi

        Speakers: Paolo Bignardi, Andrea Moiola
    • 4:30 PM
      Coffee Break
    • (23A) High-frequency analysis Green 2

      Green 2

      Convener: Víctor Domínguez
      • 75
        An iterative hybrid numerical-asymptotic boundary element method for high-frequency scattering by multiple screens

        Main speaker: Oliver Phillips

        Speakers: Oliver Phillips, Stephen Langdon, Simon Chandler-Wilde
      • 76
        A high-frequency approach for the acceleration of the Half-Space Matching method

        Main speaker: Amond Allouko

        Speakers: Amond Allouko, Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia, Vahan Baronian, Sonia Fliss
      • 77
        The inflection point problem - from modal to scattering behaviour

        Main speaker: David Hewett

        Speakers: David Hewett, Valery Smyshlyaev
    • (23B) Homogenization Green 3

      Green 3

      Convener: Jean-François Mercier
      • 78
        Homogenisation of perforated plates

        Main speaker: Shiza Naqvi

        Speakers: Shiza Naqvi, Lorna Ayton
      • 79
        Homogenization for transient waves in 1D periodic media: dispersion, interfaces and point sources

        Main speaker: Rémi Cornaggia

        Speakers: Rémi Cornaggia, Bruno Lombard
      • 80
        The WaveHoltz Heterogeneous Multiscale Method for the Helmholtz Equation

        Main speaker: Amit Rotem

        Speakers: Amit Rotem, Daniel Appelö, Olof Runborg
    • (23C) Inverse problems Yellow 1

      Yellow 1

      Convener: Laurent Bourgeois
      • 81
        Modeling and analysis of an inverse boundary value problem in a two dimensional viscoelastic medium

        Main speaker: Frédérique Le Louër

        Speakers: Frédérique Le Louër, Olha Ivanyshyn Yaman
      • 82
        Domain Derivatives in Electromagnetism and Optimal Design of Chiral Objects

        Main speaker: Tilo Arens

        Speakers: Tilo Arens, Felix Hagemann, Frank Hettlich
      • 83
        Surface identification through back-scattering of an electromagnetic planar wave by rational approximation

        Main speaker: Paul Asensio

        Speakers: Paul Asensio, Laurent Baratchart, Juliette Leblond, Martine Olivi, Fabien Seyfert
    • (23E) Waves in Fluids Red 2

      Red 2

      Convener: Manfred Kaltenbacher
      • 86
        Propagation of acoustic and gravity waves in the ocean: a new derivation for a general model.

        Main speaker: Juliette Dubois

        Speakers: Juliette Dubois, Sébastien Imperiale, Jacques Sainte-Marie
      • 87
        Symmetric-hyperbolic conservation laws modelling viscoelastic flows

        Main speaker: Sébastien Boyaval

        Speaker: Sébastien Boyaval
      • 88
        Stability analysis of the JCAPL equivalent fluid model equations for porous media

        Main speaker: Ilyes Moufid

        Speakers: Ilyes Moufid, Denis Matignon, Rémi Roncen, Estelle Piot
    • 7:30 PM
      Barbecue near the lake [for Full-Board and Basic+Dinner participants]
    • 7:00 AM
      Breakfast [for Full-Board participants]
    • (31) Plenary talk: Marion Darbas Green 1

      Green 1

      Convener: Simon Chandler-Wilde
      • 89
        Fast solvers for time-harmonic high-frequency elastic wave propagation problems

        Main speaker: Marion Darbas

        Speaker: Marion Darbas
    • 9:30 AM
      Coffee Break
    • (31B) Integral equations: analysis and applications Green 3

      Green 3

      Convener: Carlos Pérez-Arancibia
      • 90
        Efficient numerical solvers for frequency- and time-domain electromagnetic simulation, optimization and design

        Main speaker: Oscar Bruno

        Speaker: Oscar Bruno
      • 91
        Boundary Integral Equation Methods for Optical Cloaking Models

        Main speaker: Elsie Cortes

        Speakers: Elsie Cortes, Camille Carvalho, Chrysoula Tsogka
      • 92
        Coupled Single-Trace Formulations with Volume Integral Operators for Acoustic Transmission Problems

        Main speaker: Ignacio Labarca

        Speakers: Ignacio Labarca, Ralf Hiptmair
      • 93
        Volume integral equations on fractal domains and the Koch snowlake transmission problem

        Main speaker: Joshua Bannister

        Speakers: Joshua Bannister, Andrew Gibbs, David Hewett
    • (31C) Homogenization Yellow 1

      Yellow 1

      Convener: Ben Schweizer
      • 94
        Homogenization of a thin layer of randomly distributed nano-particles : effective model and error estimates

        Main speaker: Laure Giovangigli

        Speakers: Laure Giovangigli, Sonia Fliss, Amandine Boucart
      • 95
        Modelling acoustic metasurfaces using homogenization of fluid-structure interaction on strongly heterogeneous perforated plates in thin layers

        Main speaker: Eduard Rohan

        Speakers: Eduard Rohan, Vladimír Lukeš
      • 96
        Effective dynamics for low-amplitude transient elastic waves in a 1D periodic array of non-linear interfaces

        Main speaker: Cédric Bellis

        Speakers: Cédric Bellis, Bruno Lombard, Marie Touboul, Raphaël Assier
      • 97
        High-frequency homogenisation in periodic media with imperfect interfaces and elastodynamic co-dipole metaclusters

        Main speaker: Marie Touboul

        Speakers: Marie Touboul, Raphaël Assier, Bruno Lombard, Cédric Bellis, Philip Cotterill, David Nigro, William Parnell
    • (31D) Spectral theory Red 1

      Red 1

      Convener: Konstantin Pankrashkin
      • 98
        Design of a mode converter using thin resonant ligaments

        Main speaker: Lucas Chesnel

        Speakers: Lucas Chesnel, Jérémy Heleine, Sergei Nazarov
      • 99
        Spectral analysis of generalized normal modes

        Main speaker: Matias Ruiz

        Speakers: Matias Ruiz, Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia, Christophe Hazard
      • 100
        Sheared nanoribbons

        Main speaker: Philippe Briet

        Speakers: Philippe Briet, David Krejcirík, Hamza Abdou Soimadou
      • 101
        A trace theorem on an infinite b-adic tree

        Main speaker: Kiyan Naderi

        Speakers: Kiyan Naderi, Konstantin Pankrashkin
    • (31E) High order methods for time-domain problems Red 2

      Red 2

      Convener: Julien Diaz
      • 102
        Spectral Difference method On Structured-Grids for Maxwell's Equations in Time Domain.

        Main speaker: Valentin Ritzenthaler

        Speakers: Valentin Ritzenthaler, Pierre Cantin, Xavier Ferrières, Sébastien Pernet, Puigt Guillaume
      • 103
        Stabilization of the high-order discretized wave equation for data assimilation problems

        Main speaker: Sébastien Imperiale

        Speakers: Sébastien Imperiale, Tiphaine Delaunay, Philippe Moireau
      • 104
        Stability of space–time isogeometric methods for wave propagation problems

        Main speaker: Sara Fraschini

        Speakers: Sara Fraschini, Andrea Moiola, Giancarlo Sangalli
      • 105
        A comparison of Hermite and Lagrange finite element methods for the wave equation

        Main speaker: Ivy Weber

        Speakers: Ivy Weber, Gunilla Kreiss
    • (31A) Modelling in waveguides and beyond Green 2

      Green 2

      Convener: Arnaud Recoquillay
      • 106
        Waveguide acoustic black holes: non-helpful and helpful damping mechanisms

        Main speaker: Martin Berggren

        Speakers: Martin Berggren, Abbas Mousavi, Eddie Wadbro
      • 107
        Thermoviscous acoustic propagation in thin rough tubes

        Main speaker: Alexis Thibault

        Speakers: Alexis Thibault, Juliette Chabassier, Henri Boutin, Thomas Hélie
      • 108
        Multipole-model approximation of the equivalent fluid model equations for porous media in the time domain

        Main speaker: Ilyes Moufid

        Speakers: Ilyes Moufid, Denis Matignon, Rémi Roncen, Estelle Piot
    • 12:00 PM
      Lunch bags [for all participants]
    • 12:45 PM
      Social events [for all participants]
    • 7:30 PM
      Dinner + Drinks [for Full-Board and Basic+Dinner participants]
    • 7:30 AM
      Breakfast [for Full-Board participants]
    • (41) Plenary talk: Jens Markus Melenk Green 1

      Green 1

      Convener: Maryna Kachanovska
      • 109
        Wavenumber-explicit hp-FEM for Helmholtz problems in piecewise smooth media

        Main speaker: Jens Markus Melenk

        Speaker: Jens Markus Melenk
    • 10:00 AM
      Coffee Break
    • (41A) Periodic and quasi-periodic media Green 2

      Green 2

      Convener: Rémi Cornaggia
      • 110
        Wave propagation in unbounded quasiperiodic media, Part 1: the absorbing case

        Main speaker: Pierre Amenoagbadji

        Speakers: Pierre Amenoagbadji, Sonia Fliss, Patrick Joly
      • 111
        Wave propagation in unbounded quasiperiodic media, Part 2: the non-absorbing case

        Main speaker: Patrick Joly

        Speakers: Patrick Joly, Sonia Fliss, Pierre Amenoagbadji
      • 112
        Asymptotic analysis of Berry phase governed by the scalar wave equation

        Main speaker: Bojan Guzina

        Speakers: Bojan Guzina, Othman Oudghiri-Idrissi, Shixu Meng
      • 113
        Numerical solution for non-periodic scattering problem in the 3D periodic structure

        Main speaker: Nasim Shafieeabyaneh

        Speakers: Nasim Shafieeabyaneh, Ruming Zhang
    • (41B) Frequency-domain BEM Green 3

      Green 3

      Convener: Martin Schanz
      • 114
        A data compact representation for frequency dependent BEM matrices

        Main speaker: Simon Dirckx

        Speakers: Simon Dirckx, Daan Huybrechs, Karl Meerbergen
      • 115
        Numerical Modelisation of Interaction between Plasma Thruster Plume and Antennas on Small Satellites

        Main speaker: Benoît Chaigne

        Speakers: Benoît Chaigne, Toufic Abboud, Marek Felšöci, Alexandre Piche, Guillaume Sylvand
      • 116
        defmm : A FFT-based Kernel-independent Directional Fast Multipole Library for Arbitrary Particle Distributions at All Frequency Regimes

        Main speaker: Igor Chollet

        Speakers: Igor Chollet, Xavier Claeys, Pierre Fortin, Laura Grigori
      • 117
        Massively Parallelized Interpolated Factored Green Function Method

        Main speaker: Christoph Bauinger

        Speakers: Christoph Bauinger, Oscar Bruno
    • (41C) Inverse problems Yellow 1

      Yellow 1

      Convener: Karim Ramdani
      • 118
        Adaptive Spectral Decomposition for Time-Dependent Inverse Problems

        Main speaker: Yannik Gleichmann

        Speakers: Yannik Gleichmann, Marcus Grote, Daniel Baffet
      • 119
        Optimal Transport for Elastic Seismic Source Inversion

        Main speaker: Tyler Masthay

        Speakers: Tyler Masthay, Björn Engquist
      • 120
        Solving inverse source wave problem: from observability to observer design

        Main speaker: Tiphaine Delaunay

        Speakers: Tiphaine Delaunay, Sébastien Imperiale, Philippe Moireau
      • 121
        Iterative helioseismic holography-Inversions for solar differential rotation

        Main speaker: Björn Müller

        Speakers: Björn Müller, Thorsten Hohage, Laurent Gizon, Damien Fournier
    • (41D) Numerical methods for spectral problems Red 1

      Red 1

      Convener: Markus Wess
      • 122
        Solution of a non-linear eigenvalue problem for Photonic Crystal Fiber applications

        Main speaker: Jean-René Poirier

        Speakers: Jean-René Poirier, Ronan Perrussel
      • 123
        Modal computation for open waveguides

        Main speaker: Augustin Leclerc

        Speakers: Augustin Leclerc, Antoine Tonnoir, Hélène Barucq, Marc Duruflé, Christian Gout
      • 124
        Adapted contour integration for nonlinear eigenvalue problems in wave-guide coupled resonators

        Main speaker: Kersten Schmidt

        Speakers: Kersten Schmidt, Philipp Jorkowski, Carla Schenker, Luka Grubišic, Rolf Schumann
      • 125
        Computing eigenvalues of the Laplacian on rough domains

        Main speaker: Alexei Stepanenko

        Speakers: Alexei Stepanenko, Frank Rösler
    • (41E) Numerical methods for time-domain problems Red 2

      Red 2

      Convener: Juliette Chabassier
      • 126
        Maximum norm error bounds for the full discretization of non-autonomous wave equations

        Main speaker: Benjamin Dörich

        Speakers: Benjamin Dörich, Jan Leibold, Bernhard Maier
      • 127
        Order-preserving non-conforming grid interfaces for boundary-optimized summation-by-parts operators

        Main speaker: Vidar Stiernström

        Speakers: Vidar Stiernström, Martin Almquist
      • 128
        Linearly implicit energy consistent time discretisation for nonlinear wave equations

        Main speaker: Guillaume Castera

        Speakers: Guillaume Castera, Juliette Chabassier
      • 129
        Non-conforming and moving grids for the simulation of waves in viscous fluids

        Main speaker: Manfred Kaltenbacher

        Speakers: Manfred Kaltenbacher, Dominik Mayerhofer, Hamideh Hassanpour Guilvaiee, Florian Toth
    • 12:30 PM
      Lunch [for all participants]
    • (42) Plenary talk: Barbara Kaltenbacher Green 1

      Green 1

      Convener: Thorsten Hohage
      • 130
        Mathematics of Nonlinear Acoustics: Modeling - Analysis - Numerics - Inverse Problems

        Main speaker: Barbara Kaltenbacher

        Speaker: Barbara Kaltenbacher
    • (42A) Time-harmonic multiple scattering Green 2

      Green 2

      Convener: Pierre Millien
      • 131
        An Efficient Iterative High Order Numerical Method for Multiple Scattering

        Main speaker: Vianey Villamizar

        Speakers: Vianey Villamizar, Tahsin Khajah, Jonathan Hale, Monu Jaiswal
      • 132
        Asymptotic analysis for sound-hard acoustic scattering by two closely-situated spheres

        Main speaker: Cory McCullough

        Speakers: Cory McCullough, Camille Carvalho, Arnold Kim
    • (42B) Nonlinear problems Green 3

      Green 3

      Convener: Reinhard Racke
      • 133
        Analysis and Approximation of Electromagnetic Surface Waves in Nonlinear Dispersive Media

        Main speaker: Mathias Ionescu-Tira

        Speakers: Mathias Ionescu-Tira, Tomáš Dohnal, Marcus Waurick
      • 134
        Wave power farm made of many rigid floating structures in Boussinesq regime

        Main speaker: Geoffrey Beck

        Speakers: Geoffrey Beck, David Lannes, Lisl Weynans
    • (42C) Inverse problems Yellow 1

      Yellow 1

      Convener: Dmitry Ponomarev
      • 135
        Log-stability results for inverse coefficients problem associated with time harmonic magnetic Schrödinger operator

        Main speaker: Amal Labidi

        Speakers: Amal Labidi, Mourad Bellassoued, Houssem Haddar
      • 136
        Numerical methods for a Schrodinger equation inverse eigenvalue problem

        Main speaker: Kyle Wright

        Speakers: Kyle Wright, Roummel Marcia, Boaz Ilan
    • (42D) Spectral theory Red 1

      Red 1

      Convener: Matias Ruiz
      • 137
        Acoustic passive cloaking using thin resonant ligaments

        Main speaker: Jérémy Heleine

        Speakers: Jérémy Heleine, Lucas Chesnel, Sergei Nazarov
      • 138
        The Weyl Law of transmission eigenvalues and the completeness of the generalized transmission eigenfunctions without the complementing conditions

        Main speaker: Jean Fornerod

        Speakers: Jean Fornerod, Hoai-Minh Nguyen
    • (42E) Artificial boundary conditions Red 2

      Red 2

      Convener: Kersten Schmidt
      • 139
        Low-order Absorbing Boundary Conditions in HDG discretization of the convected Helmholtz equation

        Main speaker: Nathan Rouxelin

        Speakers: Nathan Rouxelin, Hélène Barucq, Sébastien Tordeux
      • 140
        Solving the water-waves problem with Laplace's free-space Green's function

        Main speaker: Luiz Faria

        Speakers: Luiz Faria, Alexis Anne, Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia
    • 4:00 PM
      Coffee Break
    • (43A) Analysis for time harmonic problems Green 2

      Green 2

      Convener: Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard
      • 141
        Nonlinear Helmholtz equations with sign-changing diffusion coefficient

        Main speaker: Zoïs Moitier

        Speakers: Zoïs Moitier, Rainer Mandel, Barbara Verfürth
      • 142
        3D scalar transmission problem in presence of a conical tip of negative material

        Main speaker: Mahran Rihani

        Speakers: Mahran Rihani, Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia, Lucas Chesnel
      • 143
        Maxwell's equations in presence of a tip of material with negative permittivity

        Main speaker: Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia

        Speakers: Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia, Lucas Chesnel, Mahran Rihani
    • (43B) Frequency-domain BEM Green 3

      Green 3

      Convener: Alessandra Aimi
      • 144
        Exponentially Convergent Spectral Galerkin BEM for Elastic Wave Scattering of Cracks

        Main speaker: Carlos Jerez-Hanckes

        Speakers: Carlos Jerez-Hanckes, Jose Pinto, Tao Yin
      • 145
        Computing singular and near-singular integrals in high-order boundary elements

        Main speaker: Hadrien Montanelli

        Speakers: Hadrien Montanelli, Houssem Haddar, Matthieu Aussal
      • 146
        Robust boundary integral equations of Helmholtz decomposition formulations of elastic scattering problems

        Main speaker: Catalin Turc

        Speakers: Catalin Turc, Víctor Domínguez
    • (43C) Inverse problems Yellow 1

      Yellow 1

      Convener: Lucas Chesnel
      • 147
        On the use of phased array data for the Linear Sampling Method in an elastic waveguide

        Main speaker: Arnaud Recoquillay

        Speaker: Arnaud Recoquillay
      • 148
        Identification of a local perturbation in unknown periodic layers

        Main speaker: Nouha Jenhani

        Speakers: Nouha Jenhani, Yosra Boukari, Houssem Haddar
      • 149
        The Time Domain Linear Sampling Method for Maxwell's equations

        Main speaker: Peter Monk

        Speakers: Peter Monk, Timo Lähivaara, Virginia Selgas
    • (43D) Wave propagation in random media Red 1

      Red 1

      Convener: Cédric Bellis
      • 150
        Wigner-Weyl description of radiative processes in correlated disordered semiconductor alloys

        Main speaker: Jean-Philippe Banon

        Speakers: Jean-Philippe Banon, Pierre Pelletier, Claude Weisbuch, Svitlana Mayboroda, Marcel Filoche
      • 151
        Modelling and validating average waves in random particulate materials

        Main speaker: Artur Gower

        Speakers: Artur Gower, Gerhard Kristensson, Stuart Hawkins
      • 152
        Modeling scattering from a random thin coating: asymptotic model and numerical simulations

        Main speaker: Amandine Boucart

        Speakers: Amandine Boucart, Sonia Fliss, Laure Giovangigli, Bruno Stupfel
    • (43E) Nonlinear problems Red 2

      Red 2

      Convener: Harold Berjamin
      • 153
        Numerical Study on Spatial Evolution of Progressive Waves using Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank

        Main speaker: Eun-Hong Min

        Speakers: Eun-Hong Min, Weon Cheol Koo
      • 154
        Scattering of an Ostrovsky Wave Packet in a Delaminated Waveguide

        Main speaker: Jagdeep Tamber

        Speakers: Jagdeep Tamber, Tranter Matt
      • 155
        Higher Order Variational Time Discretizations for Nonlinear Dispersive Wave Equations

        Main speaker: Nils Margenberg

        Speakers: Nils Margenberg, Franz Kärtner, Markus Bause
    • 6:15 PM
      Conference banquet on the Seine river [for all participants]
    • 7:30 AM
      Breakfast [for Full-Board participants]
    • (51B) Periodic and quasi-periodic media Green 3

      Green 3

      Convener: Vincent Pagneux
      • 156
        Effective Wave Motion in Periodic Origami Structures

        Main speaker: Bojan Guzina

        Speakers: Bojan Guzina, Othman Oudghiri-Idrissi
      • 157
        TE band structure for honeycomb media in a high contrast regime

        Main speaker: Maxence Cassier

        Speakers: Maxence Cassier, Michael Weinstein
      • 158
        Dislocation model for hexagonal periodic graphs perturbed along the Zig Zag direction

        Main speaker: Bérangère Delourme

        Speakers: Bérangère Delourme, Sonia Fliss
      • 159
        Acoustoelasticity of soft viscoelastic solids and phononic crystals

        Main speaker: Harold Berjamin

        Speakers: Harold Berjamin, Riccardo De Pascalis
    • (51C) Perfectly matched layers in frequency-domain Yellow 1

      Yellow 1

      Convener: Lothar Nannen
      • 160
        The Half-space Matching method and the Perfectly Matched Layers for scattering problem in anisotropic elastic media

        Main speaker: Antoine Tonnoir

        Speakers: Antoine Tonnoir, Eliane Bécache, Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia, Sonia Fliss
      • 161
        Radial complex scaling/PML for anisotropic scalar resonance problems

        Main speaker: Martin Halla

        Speaker: Martin Halla
      • 162
        A PML implementation for convex domains of general shape in time-harmonic acoustics

        Main speaker: Axel Modave

        Speakers: Axel Modave, Hadrien Bériot
      • 163
        Learned Infinite Elements

        Main speaker: Thorsten Hohage

        Speakers: Thorsten Hohage, Janosch Preuß, Christoph Lehrenfeld
    • (51E) Aeroacoustical Engineering Red 2

      Red 2

      Convener: Guillaume Sylvand
      • 164
        Reduction of Leading-Edge Noise by Tailored Turbulence Anisotropy

        Main speaker: Alistair Hales

        Speakers: Alistair Hales, Lorna Ayton
      • 165
        One-Way methods for wave propagation in complex flows

        Main speaker: Maëlys Ruello

        Speakers: Maëlys Ruello, Clément Rudel, Sébastien Pernet, Jean-Philippe Brazier
      • 166
        Accounting for viscothermal boundary losses in time-domain acoustics

        Main speaker: Linus Hägg

        Speakers: Linus Hägg, Martin Berggren
    • (51A) High-frequency analysis Green 2

      Green 2

      Convener: Marc Lenoir
      • 167
        High frequency analysis of the Dirichlet to Neumann operator for the Helmholtz equation on a coated cylinder or elliptic cylinder

        Main speaker: Olivier Lafitte

        Speaker: Olivier Lafitte
      • 168
        Oscillatory RBF for Helmholtz problems with large wavenumber

        Main speaker: Mauricio Londoño

        Speakers: Mauricio Londoño, Francisco Rodríguez-Cortés
      • 169
        High-frequency estimates and error bounds on the h-BEM for the Helmholtz exterior Neumann problem

        Main speaker: Pierre Marchand

        Speakers: Pierre Marchand, Jeffrey Galkowski, Euan Spence
    • (51D) Coupling methods and their applications Red 1

      Red 1

      Convener: Bruno Després
      • 170
        Transient, global-in-time, convergent iterative coupling of acoustic BEM and elastic FEM

        Main speaker: Alice Nassor

        Speakers: Alice Nassor, Marc Bonnet, Stéphanie Chaillat
      • 171
        One-equation coupling of Curvilinear Virtual Element and Boundary Element methods for the wave equation in unbounded domains

        Main speaker: Matteo Ferrari

        Speakers: Matteo Ferrari, Luca Desiderio, Silvia Falletta, Letizia Scuderi
      • 172
        Discontinuous Galerkin-based domain decomposition method for boundary integral equations in electromagnetism

        Main speaker: Justine Labat

        Speakers: Justine Labat, Agnès Pujols, Francis Collino
    • 11:00 AM
      Coffee Break
    • (51) Plenary talk: Xavier Claeys Green 1

      Green 1

      Convener: Patrick Joly
      • 173
        Generalized optimized Schwarz methods in arbitrary non-overlapping subdomain partitions

        Main speaker: Xavier Claeys

        Speaker: Xavier Claeys
    • (52) Closing Green 1

      Green 1

    • 12:45 PM
      Lunch [for all participants]