Fabrication of myoblast-patch and conduct an electrical stimulation for muscle regeneration

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ICE Krakow

ICE Krakow

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Moon, Jungwoo (Asan Medical Center )


Introduction: Excessive muscle damage does not regenerate on its own, so research is being conducted to regenerate the muscle in tissue engineering. In this study, myoblast-patch that mimics muscle fiber was generated and characterized in vitro test.

Method: To generate myoblast-patch, scaffolds were fabricated with biocompatible materials using electrospinning. Two groups of scaffolds were prepared as follows: aligned- and random-fiber-based scaffold. Myoblasts were seeded and cultured on the fabricated scaffold for analysis. And then, Experiments were conducted to observe the cell proliferation, differentiation capacity, and response to electrical stimulation.

Result: As a result, the cell proliferation and differentiation ability were more increased in the aligned Myoblast-patch. Also, the intensity of calcium ion imaging to electrical stimulation was higher in the aligned myoblast patches. Therefore, it is shown that the aligned myoblast patch is more suitable for muscle regeneration.


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