Ex Vivo and In Vivo Analysis of a Novel Porcine Aortic Patch for Vascular Reconstruction

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ICE Krakow

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Alkildani, Said (BerlinAnayltix GmbH )


(1) Background: The aim of the present study was the biocompatibility analysis of a novel xenogeneic vascular graft material (PAP) based on native collagen won from porcine aorta using the subcutaneous implantation model up to 120 days post implantationem. As a control, an already commercially available collagen-based vessel graft (XenoSure®) based on bovine pericardium was used. Another focus was to analyze the (ultra-) structure and the purification effort. (2) Methods: Established methodologies such as the histological material analysis and the conduct of the subcutaneous implantation model in Wistar rats were applied. Moreover, established methods combining histological, immunohistochemical, and histomorphometrical procedures were applied to analyze the tissue reactions to the vessel graft materials, including the induction of pro- and anti-inflammatory macrophages to test the immune response. (3) Results: The results showed that the PAP implants induced a special cellular infiltration and host tissue integration based on its three different parts based on the different layers of the donor tissue. Thereby, these material parts induced a vascularization pattern that branches to all parts of the graft and altogether a balanced immune tissue reaction in contrast to the control material. (4) Conclusions: PAP implants seemed to be advantageous in many aspects: (i) cellular infiltration and host tissue integration, (ii) vascularization pattern that branches to all parts of the graft, and (iii) balanced immune tissue reaction that can result in less scar tissue and enhanced integrative healing patterns. Moreover, the unique trans-implant vascularization can provide unprecedented anti-infection properties that can avoid material-related bacterial infections.


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