"ActiveLayers" Development of multi-component films as a platform technology for applications in wound healing and surgery.

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ICE Krakow

ICE Krakow

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Anouz, Reema (Biomedical Materials Department, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg)


“ActiveLayers” is a platform technology for building medical multilayer films based on layer-by-layer technology. It is characterized by its biocompatibility, environmental friendliness, modularity and multi-functionality where it can be optimized and adjusted to treat several medical problems such as; chronic wounds, non-healing bone fractures, periodontal regeneration and postoperative adhesions of organs. “ActiveLayers” acquires its uniqueness being the first-to-be product on the market based on this technology. Since the main challenge that prevents this technology from being on the market; is the transfer from research laboratories to industry due to the lack of effective upscaling options, we are working hard in this project to solve this problem. For the short term, we will be offering a new machine that enables high-throughput screening of LbL biomaterials, as well as, industry scale production of wound healing membranes and other customized medical membranes.

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