Vat-Polymerization Bioprinting for Tissue Fabrication

Jul 1, 2022, 11:00 AM
Room: S1

Room: S1


Zhang, Yu Shrike (Harvard Medical School)


Three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting has emerged as a class of promising techniques in biomedical research for a wide range of related applications. Specifically, vat-polymerization techniques such as digital light processing (DLP), are highly effective methods of bioprinting, which can be used to produce high-resolution and architecturally sophisticated structures. Nevertheless, conventional DLP bioprinting systems are hampered by several key limitations such as their bulky footprints, their insufficient multi-material bioprinting capacities, and their usual requirements on mechanically strong materials for volumetric bioprinting due to the layer-by-layer fabrication mechanism. In this talk, I will discuss our recent efforts on developing various DLP-based platforms that successfully tackle these challenges. These platforms will likely provide new opportunities in constructing functional regenerative and tissue modeling products in the future.


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