Sep 11 – 16, 2022
University of Warsaw
Europe/Warsaw timezone

The Beginning of Coinage in 12th Century Austria. Monetisation as an essential factor in the expansion of the country

Sep 12, 2022, 11:00 AM
Auditorium Maximum - Hall D

Auditorium Maximum - Hall D


Johannes Hartner (Coin Collection, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Vienna)


In the 11th and 12th century complex transformation processes took place in Eastern Austria, resulting in the consolidation of the manorial and the economic structures. There was a growth of urban markets and regional trading areas, and an increase in the construction of fortifications. In the context of the expansion of the country, these developments contributed to a comprehensive formation of rulership.
An important factor insufficiently taken into account in past research is Austrian coinage, introduced at this time, approximately in the first third of the 12th century – previously , the region had managed without minting own coins.
This raises the question of the intention behind the minting coins, and the significance of the beginning monetisation for the emerging territorial authorities of the advancing expansion of the country.

Primary author

Johannes Hartner (Coin Collection, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Vienna)

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