Sep 11 – 16, 2022
University of Warsaw
Europe/Warsaw timezone

[⊝ not streamed] The Career of Cornutus Tertullus and the Significance of Diana/Artemis on Nerva's Coinage

Sep 12, 2022, 4:00 PM
Auditorium Maximum - Hall B

Auditorium Maximum - Hall B


Nathan Elkins (American Numismatic Society )


Nerva's coinage displays interest in Diana/Artemis. The goddess appears on denarii of December 96 CE, struck at Rome; the Temple of Artemis at Perge appears on cistophori of 97 CE, struck at Rome for circulation in the province of Asia. The depiction of the Pamphylian temple especially puzzles scholars, as the coins circulated in a different province. I argue that the depictions on Nerva's coinage are linked with the emperor's promotion of the career of Cornutus Tertullus of Perge, the friend of Pliny with whom he became prefect of the Treasury of Saturn in early 98 CE. Cornutus Tertullus was married to Plancia Magna, priestess of Artemis at Perge, and may have been an (adopted) Plancius himself; the Plancii of Perge were especially devoted to the cult of Artemis. Diana on the denarii resembles the cult statue of the Temple of Diana Planciana in Rome, which bears the family's eponym.

Primary author

Nathan Elkins (American Numismatic Society )

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