Jul 11 – 17, 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

Poster Session (on site)

Jul 14, 2022, 2:00 PM
1h 30m
„Aula“ = O 101 (Mannheim Palace (Schloss Mannheim))

„Aula“ = O 101

Mannheim Palace (Schloss Mannheim)


• Mariona Arnau Garcia and Mercè Lorente Casafont: Are emerging economies a reality reflected in our dictionaries?
• Mikyung Baek, Jinsan An and Yelin Go: A Distributional Approach to Korean Semantic Neologisms: Identifying Their First Occurrences and Investigating Their Spread
• Hanno Biber: “Bloody word ripping” – Practical and Theoretical Prospects of a Corpus-based Lexicographic Exploration of the Texts by Thomas Bernhard
• Thierry Declerck: Integration of sign language lexical data in the OntoLex-Lemon framework
• Isidora Despotidou and Zoe Gavriilidou: An online school dictionary in Greek Sign Language for senior elementary pupils
• Nils Diewald, Marc Kupietz and Harald Lüngen: Tokenizing on scale - Preprocessing large text corpora on the lexical and sentence level
• Alexandre Ecker: Equality between women and men, a societal and lexicographical issue - Bringing the content of the Lëtzebuerger Online Dictionnaire in line with the realities of the world and society
• Carolina Flinz, Laura Giacomini and Weronika Szemińska: TermiKnowledge: Ein Einblick in die Datenbeschaffung und Datenaufbereitung eines Online-Fachwörterbuchs zum Thema COVID-19
• Birgit Füreder: Überlegungen zur Modellierung eines multilingualen ‘Periphrastikons’ – ein französisch-italienisch-spanisch-englisch-deutscher Versuch
• Anne-Kathrin Gärtig-Bressan, Laura Balbiani, Martina Nied Curcio and Stefan J. Schierholz: Dictionaries for the Future – The Future of Dictionaries: The 15 Villa Vigoni Theses on Lexicography
• Zoe Gavriilidou and Apostolos Garoufos: The lexicographic protocol of MikaelaLex: a free online school dictionary of Greek accessible for visually-impaired senior elementary children
• Ana-Maria Gînsac, Mihai Alex Moruz and Mădălina Ungureanu: The First Romanian Dictionaries (17th century). Digital Aligned Corpus
• Vanessa Gonzalez Ribao: Fachlexikografie in digitalem Zeitalter: Eine metalexikografische Konzeptionsstudie
• Velibor Ilic, Lenka Bajčetić, Snežana Petrović and Ana Španović: SCyDia: OCR for Serbian Cyrillic with Diacritics - First Step on the Road to Retro-Digitization
• Robert Lew and Sascha Wolfer: Predicting English Wiktionary consultations
• Carla Marello and Sarah Mantegna: The multilingual appendix of Le ricchezze della lingua volgare (1543) by Francesco Alunno. A lexicographer’s “service list” and an intercomprehension tool
• Meike Meliss and Vanessa González Ribao: Vergleichbare Korpora für multilinguale kontrastive Studien: Herausforderungen und Desiderata
• Chris Smith: Testing the OED analysis of two phonesthemes with a corpus study of collocational behaviour of sw- and fl- words in the OEC
• Silga Sviķe: Using Dictionaries in Translation Studies
• Tanara Zingano Kuhn, Špela Arhar Holdt, Rina Zviel Girshin, Ana Luis, Carole Tiberius, Kristina Koppel, Iztok Kosem and Branislava Šandrih Todo-rović: Introducing CrowLL - the Crowdsourcing for Language Learning game

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